Play Pens – A Knowhow

Play pens create secured play areas for your kids with fence that allows you to have a look at your child as he plays and you can comfortably complete your daily tasks. The fence is made of strong plastic with no sharp edges which ensures child do not hurt themselves. With the strong plastic used, it is sturdy enough that child cannot pull it on themselves or push it down or climb over it. This ensures that the child is safe in all ways. Hence using a play pen is always better rather than leaving your child unattended, especially if your child is able to move and has no knowledge of surroundings and when there is no body to protect him.

Why use play pens?

Play pens can be easily messed with snacks, spit ups, diaper blowouts etc.. Hence it is advisable to get a play pen with easy to clean fabric or sheets that can be used to cover the play pen and can be easily cleaned. Remember to use only sheets that are designed for play pen which are actually safe.Play Pens

Some important points to find a best playpen

  • Playpen panels should be attesting 20 inches high from the floor.
  • The locks of the playpen should be out of reach to your kid and it should be easily accessible to you.
  • If you choose a playpen that has mesh walls, the holes should be not more than a quarter inch to keep your child’s fingers and button from getting caught.
  • Keep 1 inch mattress at the bottom of playpen and the playpen should posses well protected hinges
  • It should not have any sharp edges and should be easy clean fabric and easily fixed and folded.
  • These are available in different measurements with different panels which is the basis for the size of the play pen. Two babies can play in a play pen with 6-8 panels.
  • Care also to be taken in the quality of the mattress in the floor of the play pen.
  • Stop using play pen when the child can able to climb.
  • Teething children try to bite the plastic that covers the top rails. So check for the tears periodically.
  • Parents are suggested not to climb the gate, especially in front of the children, as there is a chance that the child may try do in their absence which is very danger.
  • The safe gates also help in separating the children from the pets.
  • Slat gaps are also important point to consider because if it large, there is chance to stuck the baby’s head or torso in the gap. It should be between 50mm to 90mm which gives safety for the baby. These slats also should be in vertical direction which won’t support the kid to climb.
  • Don’t buy a crisscrossed or diamond shaped gated, as there is a chance to get trap your child’s head.
  • The baby gates come with two ways or one way locking system. It is the parent’s choice to choose the right one. The areas where the way is used more, two way system doors work. If you choose the one way door, make sure where the door opening has to be at the time installation itself. Some gates have a provision of auto locking.

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