How to Keep Your Humidifier Clean

How to Keep Your Humidifier Clean

Making sure that your humidifier is clean is essential in maintaining good health. In general, having a good humidifier is beneficial to your health. But if you do not take the proper time to clean it, it can become a hazard to your health. If you do not clean your humidifier when needed, it could breed bacteria and mold. This is more so a problem for people who have asthma or serve allergies. Even so, they can also trigger negative symptoms in healthy people. The worst case is a lung infection. In order to make sure that your humidifier gives out humidifier cool mist, follow this guide.

Keep The Water Clean

The best way to ensure that your humidifier is safe is to keep the water clean. As much as possible use demineralized or distilled water. This is because tap water has minerals that lead to the formation of deposits. These deposits can lead to the growth of bacteria. If these bacteria are released into the air, it can look like white dust. This dust will aggravate allergies and cause health problems. In order to keep the water clean, make sure to change it regularly. Never allow any sort of deposit or film to form before changing the water. Always change before this occurs. Additionally, keeping the water clean will make sure that your home is at the proper levels of humidity. This level is between 30 to 50 percent. Dirty humidifiers can mess with the gauge and go below or beyond this point.

How to Keep Your Humidifier Clean


If you own or are planning to buy a humidifier, you will have to maintain it. It is advisable to clean it every 3 days to ensure maximum functionality and cleanliness. Always remember to unplug before starting the cleaning process. when you clean, make sure to thoroughly remove any mineral deposits. You can use disinfectants to do so. After you clean, make sure you rinse the tank to remove any harmful chemicals. If these harmful chemicals become airborne it can cause health problems when inhaled. Another aspect you have to clean is the filter. If your humidifier comes with a filter, change it as often as recommended by the manufacturer.

Use And Storage

The best place to set up your humidifier is in a cool dry place. This will ensure that your unit does not get damaged. If the area around becomes too damp or wet, turn down the humidifier. Like any other electronic appliance, humidifiers have a lifespan. If yours is over the lifespan limit, consider buying a new one. This is because the old humidifier has deposit build-ups that are not possible to remove.

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