Why towatch “Ahvanam” movie online, the reasons are here

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Srikanth, Ramya Krishna, HeeraRajgopal, KaikalaSatyanarayana, Ali, Bandla Ganesh, etc.

Story, Screenplay, Direction & Music: SV. Krishna Reddy

Cinematography: Sarath

Producers: T. Trivikrama Rao on Vijayalakshmi Art Movies


Ahvanam movie made with the theme of Dowry and Divorce in society.  Famous Director S.V. Krishna Reddy directed the movie under the genre of Family Sentiment and Comedy.  The successful combination of Hero Srikanth and Director SV. Krishna Reddy returned with this movie after the huge success of Vinodam movie.  Ahvanam movie released 2nd May 1997, which became a blockbuster hit.  The movie did not only give good entertainment but also given a message to the society on Dowry and Divorce.  Director S.V. Krishna Reddy gave himself the music to this movie, which was not forgettable to date.

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The movie story revolves around Ravi Kumar (Srikanth), a man who gave much importance to cash in his life, more than moralities and ethics.  Rajeswari (Ramya Krishnan), who has wealth with a kind heart, loves Ravi Kumar and married him.  They live joyfully for some time until Ravi is introduced to Sireesha (HeeraRajgopal), a wealthier unmarried woman entrepreneur.  She likes Ravi very much, and Ravi concentrates on her cash and decides to get her whole money.  So as to wed Sireesha, Ravi seeks legal separation from his wife,Rajeswari.  But, Rajeshwari does not want to lose her husband; she attempts from various perspectives to change her husband’s attitude.  When nothing works, Rajeswari also agrees to take a divorce with one condition.  What’s that condition?  Were Ravi and Rajeshwari divorced?  What about Sireesha?  What is the climax?  The questions will reveal up to climax with wonderful family drama.

Top Reasons Why to Watch “Ahvanam” movie:

Nowadays, people choose to watch movies online while they get bored.  The online Telugu movies are getting more engagements with the audience, as the theatres closed due to COVID 19 lockdown.  In this sense, people who want to watch movies online under the genre of Family drama and Comedy entertainment, Ahvanam movie fulfills much of the requirements.

The main reason to watch the movie Ahvanam, is its Story, which includes family emotions, drama, comedy, and social message.

The audience will lock to their positions until the movie is completed.

The movie’s whole credit goes to Director cum Music Director S.V. Krishna Reddy only.  His brilliant taking, get performance from the artists, especially in emotional scenes, so nice music, background score will give a wonderful experience to the audience while watching the movie.

Hero Srikanth portrayed the character, Ravi Kumar, very well, he simply lives in character, which made the audience angry about Ravi Kumar’s attitude in the movie.

Ramya Krishna’s performance as Rajeshwari was wonderful.  The Character she played was an inspiration to many actresses to date.

Actress HeeraRajgopal’s glamour was another asset to the movie and gave relief from the higher emotional scenes.

Ali was entertained with the role of cook and gave comedy between the scenes.

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Finally: If you miss the Ahvanam movie, you may miss something.  It is an opportunity to watch this movieto understand something in families.  While your choice to engage the whole family for a good family entertainer, Ahvanam movie can be the first choice undoubtedly.

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