Coronavirus: Protect yourself by using the best sanitizers

liquid hand sanitizer

The first and foremost step to protect yourself from the coronavirus is taking the right precautions at your own level. Most of the countries wearing mask becomes mandatory. Along with that, you have to clean your hands frequently, which is the most effective way to protect yourself from the COVID-19. Due to the demand of sanitizers, many firms have started selling the sanitizers. But you have to buy the right industrial strength hand sanitizer which is made by following the strict guidelines of CDC and WHO. It is advised to buy the quality sanitizer after the proper research.

Washing hands is an important thing to keep yourself healthy. Good hygiene is necessary to fight against the coronavirus. Using a sanitizer helps to keep your hand germ free and helps to maintain good hygiene. But you have to choose the best product from the availability of sanitizers in the market. Choose the industrial strength hand sanitizer that is approved and formulated as per the instructions of CDC,FDA and WHO.

The studies have shown that using the hand sanitizers effectively clean your hands than soap and water. It reduces the bacterial burden from the skin, and they tend to stay longer. Thus, it prevents the transmission of the virus from one person to the other. Here are a few points to keep in mind while using the hand sanitizer.

liquid hand sanitizer

  • If your hand is visibly dirt then use soap and water instead of sanitizer. After ensuring your hands, apply the sanitizer on your palm and rub it for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Apply and rub between your fingers, under nails, and the back of your hands. You should rub the entire surface of your hands. Let your hands dry for a few seconds.
  • After applying the sanitizer, don’t wash your hands. Also, don’t wipe your palms with a towel or tissues.

Hand sanitizers destroy the viruses that are similar to the coronavirus. So the experts believe that it could act as the right disinfectant for the coronavirus. Before using the sanitizer look the label as it contains at least 60 percent of ethanol or isopropanol. It is difficult to kill any kind of micro-organism. Also, it is not visible to our naked eyes. If you need to kill it, then the source will be alcohol-based sanitizers. Thus, make the best choice in choosing the hand sanitizer and protect yourself from the deadly coronavirus.

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