Prints and body fits – Motivating women to buy active wear

The concept of daily working out is a Western concept where people were more aware of the needs for such exercising. Being from the West, the costumes and fabrics that are widely used for working out have also been largely dominated by the taste from there. Thus, we mostly see the workout apparels coming in black, grey and white colors, all of which are neutral hues.

One reason for choosing such neutral colors has been the limitation of the various textile materials that are used for making these garments. Mostly they are made out of synthetic and manmade fibers on which it is difficult to develop many colors. Especially vibrant colors like turquoise, purple and pink are hardly possible on them. Thus, the range of colors remains limited.

Most of the people come home late out of office and after spending some time with the family, goes to sleep at late nights. It thus becomes difficult for many of them to wake up early in the morning and go for regular workouts. Thus, besides awareness, they also need a bit of motivation to drag them out of their cozy beds. That is why the workout apparels need to be attractive enough so that they look attractive in them and can draw attention of many strangers, making friends with some of them.

Prints and body fits - Motivating women to buy active wear

After looking into this demand, many manufacturers have aimed at developing Activewear for women that are attractive enough! For them, the days of sticking to the old and neutral shades of unhappiness are over! Thus, they are now introducing outfits with printed floral motifs. These are full of vibrant colors and hence are far more aesthetically appealing.

Revolutions in the materials that make these outfits have also helped. More than the strong and stretchy materials that used to make these garments people are now keener on getting environment friendly dresses. Thus, the demand for naturally resourced materials is higher for these outfits. Being used for exercising, these garments desire the need for being more comfortable in the way of wicking. Higher wicking capability may result in a better absorption of sweat that can make these garments much more user friendly.

The newer fibers with natural resource background are thus taking a centre stage. Being made out of natural materials, Sportswear for women have the functional groups that absorb moisture far more easily than the synthetic fibers. As a result, they show wicking to a much higher extent, exactly what is required for exercising garments.

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