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Most artists would agree that learning how to draw people is one of the hardest techniques to master. With so many different features, proportions, settings, poses, lighting and more, even the smallest mistake can ruin all your work. This task can be simplified by looking at a few key elements and following these simple steps.

Keep in mind that this is just one of many ways to attract people. There are several different methods that can be taught. This is what beginners love because it helps maintain the correct proportions.

The first step in learning to draw people is to control the proportions and start by drawing the head. One of the best ways to maintain accurate proportions on the page is to grab a pencil, hold it in the air in front of you, and align it with the model. Hold the tip of the pencil at the top of where you can see the model’s head, and then use your thumb or index finger to mark on the pencil where the model’s chin is. While holding this measurement, place your pencil on the paper and mark these guidelines. Once you have these rough guidelines, you can draw the head at the appropriate scale, adding details now or at the end of your drawing.

Draw People You Love

The next step in drawing people is to draw the feet. Since you’ve completed the head to exact scale, drawing the second foot helps maintain the proportions of the rest of the body. This is done using a general rule of thumb that a person of average height is about seven heads tall (including a head). This means that the length of the foot must be seven times the length from the head down. This may sound odd, or it may seem like the figure will be too tall, but once the rest of the body is full, you will notice that it is pretty accurate. The bottom of the last oval marks where the bottom of the foot will be.

Now that you have drawn the entire length of the body, you can begin to note other key points that will help your image take shape and come to life. The third step in drawing people is to find and highlight the appendages (arms and legs), hips and waist. This process is the same for male and female drawings and starts with the third oval at the bottom of the page. This oval marks where the elbows will fall and also where the waist is located.

These same basic principles can be followed to determine how to draw people in a seated position to جلب الحبيب بالصورة. The instructions are the same as above, but instead of seven ovals, only five are needed. This modification compensates for the loss of space in the waist when seated.

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