Which Chinese language is good to learn?

New Concept Mandarin

Chinese is a widely spoken language and it is good to learn them. If you are interested in learning the Chinese language, then you should know that Chinese is a family of languages that majorly includes Mandarin and Cantonese. It is entirely based on your need to learn between these two languages. Today, many centers are providing services to people who are looking to learn the Chinese language. Also, you can learnĀ New Concept Mandarin that allows you to learn the course easily.

Mandarin Vs Cantonese:

Pronunciation: If you are interested in learning the Chinese language, then you should both these languages are not mutually intelligible. It should be understood that Mandarin will not be able to understand Cantonese speakers and vice versa. Both languages are known to be tonal languages in which one word has different meanings. Cantonese has six to nine tones per work and Mandarin has four tones per sound.

The characters: Both Chinese languages use the same roots of characters. But mandarin uses simplified characters and they could not understand the other characters of Cantonese because it uses traditional characters. However, people familiar with traditional characters have the ability to identify simplified characters.

Grammar: The similarity of both languages is the grammar. Whereas Mandarin is mostly based on emotional meaning and Cantonese is based on logical patterns. If you consider vocabulary, then they have a slight difference.

Hence, there are few differences in both Chinese languages. If you are considering expanding your business in China, then you can consider learning Mandarin as it is used to communicate with a large group of people. If you have planned to settle in Hong Kong, then it is good to learn cantonese hong kong. Thus, you can consider learning the Chinese language according to your needs. With the right guidance, you could complete learning the languages faster.

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