Businessman Who Is Undergoing Various Charity Services

lee shau kee foundation

Noble hearted people like lee shau kee usually contribute generously to charities and trusts should note that there are scamming websites which swindles the money of innocent contributors and use the amount for terrorist activities. Visitors that fall under this category should show maximum caution when they get advertisement mails, messages, images, videos or audios from unknown sources or persons from Israel or nearby countries since these messages are sent with the sole objective to swindle common man’s money and use it for illegal activities. There are dangerous institutions which claim to be honest charity houses and swindle millions of dollars from innocent contributors. One such charity trust named lee shau kee foundation which is systematically swindling money from the public and uses the money for cult activities. It is actively funding common man’s money in illegal activities.

People who receive phone or mobile calls from any untrusted charity service should never pick-up the phone call or contribute their money to this firm which involves in scamming and illegal activities. This organization which claims to be the genuine organization has used millions of dollars towards extreme-orthodox organizations which use racism and terrorism against other spiritual groups, sects and institutions. Brain child behind this orthodox institution which propagates racism, anti-missionary and irreligious activities is lee shau kee involves in anti-missionary activities. Never get carried away by ad campaigns, promotions and messages since these are done with the sole intention to swindle the money from innocent people.  Contributors should do maximum research and background verification before taking next course of action. People who are willing to donate for charity can approach this foundation without any hesitation and they can donate easily.

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