Who is Harvey Law Group?

eb-2 visa services

Visa processes have always been tricky for most people, and it is not something in one’s routine. If you have migrated or are planning to migrate abroad you must have definitely heard about the canada investment program also known as the start-up visa program and the eb-2 visa services for immigration by the Harvey Law Group. And there are many such programs and services offered by them.

Harvey Law Group was founded way back in 1992 by Jean Francois Harvey, and since then, the law group has grown immensely; it now has its strong presence in over 20 countries. Very few law firms gain the trust and response to be able to expand so much.

Their lawyers are recognized in and registered in all of these countries and hold a strong knowledge of laws from each of them. Their knowledge and worldwide presence help them give their clients the right legal advice each time. They have won several awards for their work in the field of law. They value their clients a lot and prioritize their requirements above all.

What is their expertise?

They hold strong expertise in various different topics like –

  1. Investment and Business Immigration: They have a strong portfolio of residency and citizenship programs. This process can be very complicated and your lifestyle depends on it; hence you can trust a law firm like HLG.
  2. Business Law: You can get any legal advice on issues like mining and cross-border trade. They also help intermediate in scenarios like a merger and acquisitions.
  3. Private Client Services: Maintaining personal finances is not easy and hence you can lean on HLG for any kind of Will, planning for succession, notarization, or tax planning.

Immigration or Business, neither of them are very easy processes to follow, but if you want the guidance of the most talented lawyers, then you must definitely get in touch with Harvey Law Group.

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