Why People Prefer Kingdee In Hong Kong?

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Kingdee International Software Group Limited is a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, a leading software company in China, and a leading business management software company in the Asia Pacific region. Kingdee HR offers a modern model of corporate human resource management software. The solution helps companies develop essential organizational structure and ultimately business capabilities through a centralized professional platform while providing a self-service portal for employees with open source applications.

In light of the challenges of the Internet age, Kingdee’s hr system hong kong, was designed to maintain the product concept: “Strategy Oriented, Networked, Collaborative and Talented.” By focusing on the needs of human resource management, Kingdee HR is able to bring a completely new experience to medium and large companies. In August 2019, Kingdee received the Best SaaS Partner Award 2019 from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) at the AWS Partner Summit 2019.

Kingdee Features

The design of theĀ hris hong kong system model is based on the full participation of people in the company, divided into employee self-service and manager self-service. Employees can self-review information such as personnel files, salaries, vacation credits, attendance lists, evaluations, and more, initiate various online personnel approval services, and take online exams and learning. Managers can review team information such as personnel, pay and attendance records, and process approvals online.

It has many product advantages like a comfortable user experience. The user-centric function ensures a simple and comfortable browsing experience; in different scenarios to perform different tasks. They have comprehensive coverage of business scenarios, Innovative technology, and professional HR service in the cloud for group companies that flexibly adapt to the changing environment. They have 25 years of deep experience in Chinese corporate governance. Moreover, they are an advanced platform design concept that empowers people and encourages organizations.

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