For better warmth wear long down coat

mens long down coat

According to fashion designers a long coat is a type of overcoat to be worn by both men as well as women.  Known to be the outermost garment, this unique long down coat generally extends below the knee and is widely used during winter periods when warmth is more essential to protect the body.  Market offers a wide range of brand and one has to be smart to choose the right brand that suits his or her wallet and body fitness. Among all the known brands, Tatras is one of the best among the other brands, as it offers a wide range of options for the buyers. An outfit from this outlet is highly durable and affordable. Hence people from different income segments never hesitate to buy coats from this lovely outlet which is located in every major city around the world. Read on to find more details about these long down coats that come in various colors. 

Tips for buying a down jacket 

As described by a fashion designer, mens long down coat is known to be a perfect insulator. The design of this outfit is so unique that it makes many small air pockets to trap warm air and thereby heat is retained and keeps the body warm. Undoubtedly, these long down jackets are very appropriate to beat extreme cold temperatures.  However, these outfits are highly expensive. Since these coats have high fill-power, they are expensive than the other coats. This fill-power has some ratings which vary from 550 to 1000. It is always wise to buy these jackets which have 550 fill-power rating. Look for the fill-power ratings on the labels as well as weight of the jacket.   These coats come with a weight of 200 to 400 grams. The coat with higher weight retains more heat. These long down jackets are widely used by the trekkers.

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