Butterfly Rings: Grace Your Fingers With These Beautiful Pieces

butterfly-shaped jewelry

Flutter like a butterfly by wearing a butterfly ring design from the assorted collections of jewelry makers. In general, the Flora and fauna of the world have always been considered as serving as a perfect source of inspiration for people with creative minds. A jewelry designer is known to be no exception to this. Over time in this day and age, they too have perfectly incorporated animal motifs into elegant ornaments designed by them.

Such motifs tend to possess a symbolic value to them, and during certain times, such an aesthetic appeal that they bring is considered to outweigh the symbolism. From the Egyptian pharaohs and their scarab beetle pendants to the jewelry with a peacock theme of South India, there is no end to how a jewelry maker used their creativity to involve the birds and bugs they saw around them to be the primary designs of their beautiful pieces.

One such motif that is known to fascinate the wearers and the makers is a butterfly. Certain designs of Butterfly Ring that a person might find today are perfect pieces of craftsmanship, along with an appreciative symbolic value to it.

Symbol of butterfly: From birth to death and all the other things in between 

Similar to various other symbols, a butterfly means various things in various cultures, and there was a time when a butterfly carried with itself a morbid connotation of being the soul of the dead. But with time, people were known to start associating a butterfly with growth, grace, life, and transition, among other different things.

People who seem familiar with Greek mythology remember that the Goddess of the Soul, Psyche, is generally depicted as the one with butterfly wings. Many Asian cultures saw such beautiful tiny creatures as an ideal representation of a long life. For the Chinese, two butterflies together are known to symbolize love. Butterflies began to represent the soul with the advent of Christianity.


 Such beautiful and elegant designs of Butterfly Ring are considered a perfect option to gift, especially as a token of romantic love, affection, and care. That being said, without the shadow of a doubt, a person does not require a specific need or requirement to buy such pretty pieces.

Butterflies are very pretty; they tend to look even prettier when they are etched on a ring. What are you waiting for? Buy yourself a Butterfly Ring today.

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