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When it comes to hard floor cleaning services in Chicago,IL, you can rely on these franchisees at Stratus Building Solutions of Chicago North offers full commercial cleaning services for a range of work locations and businesses.

These franchisee crew will completely clean your business, whatever its size, ensuring all your customers, clients, all workers have a clean environment to conduct business. Contact the office to learn much more about the industries they serve.

Advantages of their franchisees

North is personalized to your requirements. The following are some of the specialized services that franchisees and their employees offer: Healthcare Grade Cleaning, Cleaning Services, Hardwood as well as Tile Floor Care, Washroom Sanitization, Steam Cleaning, Post-Construction Cleaning, Start moving Cleaning, and Day Porter Services.

Tile is a long-lasting home décor feature that may be seen in kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. They are durable and fashionable. To keep that beautiful appearance, tile must be properly cleaned, since routine washing and scrubbing will not be enough. This is because tile is porous and collects dirt and filth. To remove the dull and unclean appearance, professional tile cleaning services use high-duty cleaning equipment and active chemicals. The method is designed to open tile pores and seal these with sealant to avoid further dirt accumulation. Ceramic tile cleaning is gentle on the flooring while being extremely effective and environmentally friendly.

With all of the services they provide, keeping your business pristine will be a breeze. Their franchisee commercial cleaners are always professional and uniformed, and they work hard to finish the tasks we provide. They always leave your office or business in excellent condition after we are through. Complete  cleaning services to keep your floor clean. Whether you want a one-time cleaning or ongoing service, our commercial cleaning services in Chicago can help.

Furthermore, by utilizing the green office cleaning services, you will drastically minimize your company’s waste while also increasing your company’s image among your consumers. Both of these will significantly improve their public relations and contribute to increased growth for your firm, as well as cost reductions through reduced waste.

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