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HHC vape Cartridge from Hollyweed

Cannabinoids, or CBD as many people know them, have become quite a demand in the past decade as people started switching to its consumption from the consumption of the more harmful cannabis weed. It is when CBD strains and extracts like the HHC and THC became well-known and most used, making many of its products like, the Premium HHC Pre-rolls bought off the market quickly.

As one may already know, CBD is the extract of the cannabis weed that has a majority of its medicinal properties like the pain-numbing effect along with its calming effect on the mind and nervous system of the consumer. It, in turn, made its image the healthier alternative to its mother plant, especially since it has none of addictive or intoxicating qualities of its source plant.

What is HHC?

As mentioned earlier, HHC or Hexahydrocannabinol is a type of CBD with high potency and resistance to many of the environmental factors that usually degrade the quality of the cannabinoids the longer they are kept — just like any other food product.

However, it is more known for being a derivative of another type of CBD, known as the THC which has almost similar characteristics to HHC. It is mostly because HHC is the processed form of THC, going through Hydration to make it resistant to heat and oxidation; thus, increasing its shelf life while not compromising its potency or taste at all.

In fact, the potency of HHC is quite popular among CBD consumers as it is easier to digest and needs a limited amount to get to the desired state of body or relief from bodily pain.


Since HHC is very potent, as mentioned earlier, the amount needed to get to the desired effect is quite low as compared to other CBD strains, making it much more cost-effective and unbaked for portion control. In addition to that, it is virtually undetectable through drug tests, making it even more convenient for discrete usage.

Furthermore, HHC products like the Premium HHC Pre-rolls are also easily available and accessible to all the states where it is legal, let it be in online platforms or physical departmental stores.


In the end, HHC products are easily accessible and quite in demand due to how easy it is to consume and use in other forms. It is effective and more potent than others, making it an ideal form of CBD for consumption.

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