What are some suggestions on good Telugu movies to watch on the Internet?

The scripts and production values of Telugu films are excellent. Someone has to watch over a hundred movies before they die. Here is a rundown of the greatest Telugu films of all time, as voted upon by moviegoers. On websites like this, you can find some of the best films of all time, spanning comedy, drama, sci-fi, romance, and more.

Here are some excellent Telugu Romantic Movies Online:

  1. Mayabazar

Mayabazar is a well-known classic Telugu film from the 1970s renowned for its groundbreaking special effects, hilarious storylines, and stellar acting. It’s the first mythological film in Telugu film history, and K. V. Reddy is at the helm.

  1. Alluri Seeta Rama Raju
  1. Ramachandra Rao’s biographical action Telugu film, Alluri Seeta Rama Raju (Krishna). The film is based on the story of Alluri Seeta Rama Raju, an Indian rebel who played a vital role in the Rampa Rebellion from 1922–1924.
  1. Sagara Sangamam

A film from India’s Telugu language in 1983, Sagara Sangamam. Also, k.vishwanath Garu directed it, and Edita Nageswar Rao was the producer. In the meantime, Kamal Hasan plays a pivotal role. Many people hold this Telugu Romantic Movies Online near and dear to their hearts. Therefore, this film demonstrates that art is a kind of romantic expression.


  1. Sankarabharanam

The film is based on the life of Sankara Sastri, a famous Carnatic singer, and has received rave reviews. Everyone in the hamlet has the wrong idea about the student-teacher dynamic. It’s a bad sign for Sastri when popular music becomes more popular. After his passing, Sastri names the son of one of his students as the successor to his musical legacy.

  1. Mayuri

Inspired by classical dancer Sudha Chandran, Mayuri tells her narrative. Singeetam Srinivasa Rao helms the dance biopic. The film is an allegory for the experience of a dancer who loses a limb in an accident.

It appears that Sudha’s career is over, but she has other intentions. Despite setbacks, the protagonist of this classic Telugu Drama Movies Online eventually regains her footing in the dance world and finds success.

  1. Aa Naluguru

The protagonist, Raghuram (Rajendra Prasad), is a selfless giver who donates a large portion of his income to various causes. Raghuram’s resignation from his position as editor after his managing director urges him to post tabloid images proves that he is motivated by principles.

Raghuram’s struggle to uphold his belief that interpersonal connections are more valuable than the financial gain is portrayed in this illuminating play.


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