Difference between open and closed MRI scans – which one is right for you?

There are two types of MRI scanners – Open MRI and Closed MRI. An open MRI scan is a type of scanner that has an open design instead of a traditional tube-like structure found in closed MRI machines. The machine consists of top and bottom magnetic plates with no walls surrounding it more spacious than its counterpart. This design allows patients who suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety to feel less confined during the procedure. The main advantage of an open MRI scan is the increased comfort level for patients who may experience discomfort in enclosed spaces such as tubes or tunnels. Open MRIs allow patients to lie down comfortably while being scanned without feeling trapped or confined. A wide opening may make it easier for larger individuals to fit into an open scanner compared to a closed scanner’s narrow bore.

When an MRI scan is closed, the patient is encased inside a tubular shape with walls on all sides during scanning. Closed Hitachi MRI in New Jersey tends to produce higher quality images at faster speeds than open MRIs because they use stronger magnets with better resolution ability. People might feel uncomfortable or anxious when lying inside an enclosed space for an extended period of those in traditional closed machines. Patients have reported feelings of claustrophobia and anxiety when undergoing a closed-structured scan which leads them not to complete their scans altogether.

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Which one is right for you?

The choice between an open or closed MRI scan depends on the patient’s needs, preferences, and medical condition. If you are claustrophobic or anxious about small spaces, the open MRI may be more suitable for you. The wider opening of an open machine provides a more comfortable experience during the procedure. If you require higher-quality images with better resolution and faster scanning times, then a closed MRI may be your best option. Closed machines have stronger magnets that produce clearer images than their counterparts. If you suffer from obesity or have mobility issues, an open MRI may be your only option since it offers a larger space that accommodates patients of different sizes and shapes. The enclosed tube-like structure of a traditional closed machine might not fit all body types comfortably. Before undergoing any scanning procedures involving MRIs, consult your doctor to determine which type of scanner is right for your medical condition. It is essential to feel comfortable during scans to ensure accurate results without discomfort or anxiety affecting the outcome.

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