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Visit Melbourne’s Most Famous Paintball Battle Course at Sniper Den

Visit Melbourne’s Most Famous Paintball Battle Course at Sniper Den

If you are an avid player of any tactical games online like Counter-Strike, Valorant, and the likes, for sure, you find Sniper Den enticing. It is a shooting range in Australia using paintballs, and experience real-time shooting and get your skills to work. With this, living like in online games is not only in your dreams anymore because, in places like Sniper Den, everything is new and entertaining. 

Shooting range in actual situations

Sniper Den is perfect for people who require to hone and sharpen their tactical skills. You can learn the positionings, how to use your ammo, and so much more. It almost feels like living a fantasy because you get to experience the entertaining way of surviving. Aside from that, you will also have to play in a team. It is suitable for having a 3v3 gameplay with your family, friends, and even your co-workers and building your teamwork. Through this, you no longer have to settle for ordinary activities and throw a dull party. Sniper Den can provide a refreshing way to enjoy a new sensation.

Ideal for any event or activity


If you plan to throw a party for your teenager who is 15 years old and above, Sniper Den can cater to your needs. You can throw your birthday party by renting the place and playing all day long. Employees can also take their place as a venue for their team-building activities since it can also be a gateway to sharpening teamwork. You can search up https://www.snipersden.com.au and see all their offers at an affordable price now. With Sniper Den, you can play it safe and away from danger. It is one of the priorities of the place – to ensure to protect you above all.

Fun that starts for only $20

With only $20, you can already book a session at Sniper Den. After that, they will require you another $15 for your gun, 100 pieces of paintball, and safety gear. Plus, they have unlimited air for your professional snipers for your never-ending fun. For sure, anyone who gets to play at Sniper Den will experience what it is like using snipers and incorporating what your online games taught you. It is great for survival and playing with a team. You can either play solo or have a 3v3 battle. Anyone can play, and even beginners will enjoy it at Sniper Den.

You can ensure to visit the place and check on the website provided here for better access to the offers and services of Sniper Den. There may be some changes in their opening and closing time due to the pandemic. You may also need to follow health protocols for your safety and security.


Best of wild human beings movies In Telugu

Good cinema makes all the difference. And so does the meaningful south Indian movies being made today. The word realizes that it can overcome language barriers with subtitles and translation, but the content has to stand out. And the department where south Indian films excel is content. One fine example is the much talked about film Jallikattu.

Normally, in South Telugu and Tamil films, the hero does all kinds of super-hero and intelligent acts, especially with the commercial storyline. But in Jallikattu, it a buffalo who reverses the roles. Are you interested in some off-beat fare? Then watch Indian movies online on the Aha OTT channel.

You have every reason to check out the award-winning film Jallikattu. Filmmaker director, Lijo Jose Pellissery, selects his character according to the requirement of the script. Anthony Varghese Pepe, Chemban Vinod Jose, are one or two films old and not established stars. Santhy Balachandran and Sabumon Abdusamad also provide good support.

Not to mention, the production values, editing, and graphics are all excellent work of great creativity and imagination with excellent VFX. The most surprising element is the buffalo in the film—the aggrieved buffalo’s character running for his life tugs at your heart.

It is up to the cine-goers to draw contrast and parallels between human beings and animals. Jallikattu is one such narration that deals with the dark, manipulative sides of human nature. And, on the other hand, it shows the struggle for the survival of a buffalo.

In the movie, based on The Maoist by Hareesh, you see a beast running everywhere as the men give him a chase. In the same background, you also find two men seeking revenge on each other in a rivalry over a young woman they both like. It is apparent that the woman prefers one and avoids the other.

Plus, there are so many elements thrown in that make the film so close to real life. A cruel cop is harassing his wife, and on the other hand, a buffalo is unwittingly wreaking havoc on human beings and their plantations and property. The contradictions are far too many, and they all grip you till the end.

The sound design of RenganaathRavee builds drumbeats from every available element in the ambient audio, from an old man’s tired breathing to the knives cutting animal flesh, the buffalo hooves and the crowd. Prashant Pillai’s music pumps adrenaline into the proceedings. Combined with Dipu Joseph’s flamboyant editing and Girish Gangadharan’s unabashed albeit non-exploitative cinematography, gives Jallikattu an unyielding flow

Watch Jallikattu if you want to connect with a traditional sport that’s a passion among the locals and feel an immediate connection with a high-octane sport that’s is also a tradition.

Over to you 

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A Look at Hysterical Chuck Norris Jokes

Chuck Norris is an image of being a macho and the best ninja you will be. This is something that most ladies don’t understand, and we genuinely don’t need it. However, it appears to be that men venerate him and even joke for his benefit.

If you eventually end up overpowered or under tension in your everyday life, you can go on the web. The Internet is a rich wellspring of different destinations offering a confounding cluster of Chuck Norris Jokes. While looking for Chuck Norris Jokes, you can peruse and access a broad information base of jokes. There are a few destinations that allow individuals to present their jokes. They likewise offer excellent guidance on the most proficient method to joke. There are kid’s sites with good, smart Chuck Norris Jokes for their age.

To give you a thought of what we mean, we’ve discovered probably the most mainstream Chuck Norris Jokes you’ll adore.

  • Most men wear Superman night robe to rest. Superman, then again, wears Chuck Norris night robe.
  • Each time the phantom attempts to rest, he goes to his storeroom and verifies whether Chuck Norris is there.
  • Waldo is covering up due to Chuck Norris.
  • Chuck Norris will not have a cardiovascular failure. This is because your heart doesn’t have the foggiest idea of what it is assaulting.
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t have to hit. At the point when you press one pins, the rest fall, and drop.
  • The Project was made to make an atomic weapon that could reevaluate Chuck Norris’ splendid roundhouse kick power. Lamentably, they couldn’t draw near to him.
  • Chuck Norris has chosen to sue NBC’s best show, Law and Order. These are the names of his privilege and left legs.
  • Aliens exist. They are too terrified even to consider assaulting Earth while Chuck Norris is still here.

If you need to be a great joke author, you should initially tune in to great Chuck Norris Jokes and examine their temperament. Give special consideration to the jokes you like, because these jokes will eventually profit you. Your loved ones will consistently furnish you with a decent and dependable take-off platform for you to test your tricks before putting them out in broad daylight. Give close consideration to ordinary occasions around you and be delicate to their innate humor. This will assist you with composing numerous new and great jokes quickly.


While various jokes should ridicule individuals they target, they appear to have a different result. Rather than ridiculing your appearance, jokes are intended to show your qualities.

Kids' Playground Bring In The Fantasy Land On Your Backyard

Kids’ Playground: Bring In The Fantasy Land On Your Backyard

Playing is life for children. For them, it is the happiest moment in their life. It makes them happy, build friendship, and create happy moments. Kids love to play; they love it more than eating and sleeping. Most of the kids feel not hungry once they enjoyed playing. However, never take it as a bad part of their lives. Kids have the right to play! One of the most favorite moment in their life is to bring them to the park. Once they see big toys, such as swings, seesaw, mini-house, bikes, and slides, for them, it feels like heaven. Unfortunately, they can’t do it this time. It is so threatening to go to parks and meet people in this pandemic time.

The perfect kids’ haven – install it!

Gone are the days that parents bring their children to parks due to the pandemic. Why not bring Disneyland to your homes and make your children feel that they are still kids? Still, they can do the enjoyment and let them feel that there’s no lacking in their lives. You can do something for them not to miss out on their childhood days. By building big toys in the backyard and create a wonderful playground for kids outdoor play experience, they will love it!

kids outdoor play

Building a beautiful playground

It should not be complicated to build a playground for your kids. You don’t have to feel that it is a hassle and takes time to finish. You can buy kids outdoor playground materials, such as:

  • Jump
  • Swing
  • Bike
  • Climb
  • Sandpits
  • Slide
  • Mini-house and more

These are a few of the big toys available to buy and install in the backyard. You can create a little park for them to have fun and enjoy. You can invite family members close to you with their kids. You will make the day of your young ones happy and don’t miss out on the day without having to share and sharing their moments with you and with their cousins and friends in a safer place.

Bring the water park at home!

Kids love to go to the beach, swim, and play sands and walk on the seashore. They also want to create sandcastles with their friends. But, they can’t do it this time. However, there is something that you can do with it. By putting a mini water park at home, you can bring the beach to the house. You can still bring in the summer holidays without leaving home. Turn your backyard into a water park and make them feel like they are playing in the real beach or pool.

Kids will probably love this outdoor play idea while parents feel comfortable seeing their children playing in a safer place.


Why towatch “Ahvanam” movie online, the reasons are here

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Srikanth, Ramya Krishna, HeeraRajgopal, KaikalaSatyanarayana, Ali, Bandla Ganesh, etc.

Story, Screenplay, Direction & Music: SV. Krishna Reddy

Cinematography: Sarath

Producers: T. Trivikrama Rao on Vijayalakshmi Art Movies


Ahvanam movie made with the theme of Dowry and Divorce in society.  Famous Director S.V. Krishna Reddy directed the movie under the genre of Family Sentiment and Comedy.  The successful combination of Hero Srikanth and Director SV. Krishna Reddy returned with this movie after the huge success of Vinodam movie.  Ahvanam movie released 2nd May 1997, which became a blockbuster hit.  The movie did not only give good entertainment but also given a message to the society on Dowry and Divorce.  Director S.V. Krishna Reddy gave himself the music to this movie, which was not forgettable to date.

The movie available in aha movies in full HD format


The movie story revolves around Ravi Kumar (Srikanth), a man who gave much importance to cash in his life, more than moralities and ethics.  Rajeswari (Ramya Krishnan), who has wealth with a kind heart, loves Ravi Kumar and married him.  They live joyfully for some time until Ravi is introduced to Sireesha (HeeraRajgopal), a wealthier unmarried woman entrepreneur.  She likes Ravi very much, and Ravi concentrates on her cash and decides to get her whole money.  So as to wed Sireesha, Ravi seeks legal separation from his wife,Rajeswari.  But, Rajeshwari does not want to lose her husband; she attempts from various perspectives to change her husband’s attitude.  When nothing works, Rajeswari also agrees to take a divorce with one condition.  What’s that condition?  Were Ravi and Rajeshwari divorced?  What about Sireesha?  What is the climax?  The questions will reveal up to climax with wonderful family drama.

Top Reasons Why to Watch “Ahvanam” movie:

Nowadays, people choose to watch movies online while they get bored.  The online Telugu movies are getting more engagements with the audience, as the theatres closed due to COVID 19 lockdown.  In this sense, people who want to watch movies online under the genre of Family drama and Comedy entertainment, Ahvanam movie fulfills much of the requirements.

The main reason to watch the movie Ahvanam, is its Story, which includes family emotions, drama, comedy, and social message.

The audience will lock to their positions until the movie is completed.

The movie’s whole credit goes to Director cum Music Director S.V. Krishna Reddy only.  His brilliant taking, get performance from the artists, especially in emotional scenes, so nice music, background score will give a wonderful experience to the audience while watching the movie.

Hero Srikanth portrayed the character, Ravi Kumar, very well, he simply lives in character, which made the audience angry about Ravi Kumar’s attitude in the movie.

Ramya Krishna’s performance as Rajeshwari was wonderful.  The Character she played was an inspiration to many actresses to date.

Actress HeeraRajgopal’s glamour was another asset to the movie and gave relief from the higher emotional scenes.

Ali was entertained with the role of cook and gave comedy between the scenes.

Click here to watch many more Telugu movies online.

Finally: If you miss the Ahvanam movie, you may miss something.  It is an opportunity to watch this movieto understand something in families.  While your choice to engage the whole family for a good family entertainer, Ahvanam movie can be the first choice undoubtedly.

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