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Used cars in tucson

If you are looking to upgrade from your current car and replace it with a new car that is not only better in quality, but also has more features, then consider purchasing one of the best used car models. Purchasing a new car can come with unnecessary expenses and puts more pressure on your wallet than necessary. However by opting for an older model that is still in good condition, you get to save money and get something of equal or higher quality without having to spend as much.

Here are the best-used car models:

Ford model

Ford models are known for their durability and quality. The brand has been in the market for over a century and has acquired a strong reputation. Recently, Ford launched its Ranger pickup, which is their best-used car model. It is known for being very reliable and sturdy. If you own one of these models, it will serve you well for many years to come. The Ranger comes with features like the 1.6 litre engine that can go up to 9,500 rpm and 300 horsepower. Its cabin is spacious and comes with USB and Bluetooth connectivity for your entertainment.

Audi model

Audi models are known for their stylish looks and top-of-the-line features. The A4 model is one of the most popular car models from Audi and therefore best used cars in tucson models. This model is known for its reliability and power as well as decent amount of space in the cabin.

Mitsubishi Lancer model

The Lancer is one of the best-used car models that you can get in the market. Apart from its classy design, this model provides great power and performance with its 2.0-litre engine that generates up to 172 horsepower. It also comes with a roomy cabin, which makes it great for long drives.

Mazda Mazda3 model

The Mazda3 is a compact sedan car known for its sleek design and powerful engine. It is one of the best-used car models that comes with a 2.5 liter engine that generates up to 167 horsepower. It also features like a six-speed transmission system, which makes it perfect for long drives or journeys.

Nissan Sentra model

The Sentra model is another one of the best-used car models that you can find on the market today. Known for its sleek design, this model has a fuel economy of 32 miles per gallon and comes with a 2.0-litre engine that generates up to 140 horsepower. It is also popular among petrol heads because it comes with a six-speed transmission system.

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